Quality care guide

The quality of our Nina Ricci Maison linens is our priority, we want you to be able to keep using our products for years with the same pleasure. In order to make sure you will enjoy the same softness wash after wash, make sure to follow those few advices.

How to take care of your bed linen ?

Before first use :

Before using your bed linen for the first time, wash it a first time after having left it soak overnight in cold water in order to set its colors and size.

Wash :

Make sure to follow the indications on the tag of your product as every fabric requires different washing.

Natural textiles can shrink during first wash. Shrinkage will be increased by high-temperature washing and drying. Be sure to observe the temperatures of washing and drying to limit this phenomenon.

Always separate white from colors and avoid to wash your linen with potentially damaging items included hooks, zippers or Velcro.

Avoid washing natural fibers with artificial fibers : the second may release particles that may cling into the natural fibers and make it fluff.

Do not use detergent containing optical brighteners or bleaching agent that are pollutant and may distort the fibers and the color of your linen.

Drying :

As soon as the wash cycle ends, squeeze out any excess water before drying. Be careful not to over dry your linens as it could damage the fibers.

Ironing and storage:

Do not wait until the drying cycle is completely over so your linen will be still a bit wet and it will make it easier for you to iron it.

If there is any embroidery on your linen, iron on the reverse side.

Make sure your linen is completely dry when you store it.


How to take care of your bath linen ?

Wash your bath linen before using it for the first time, it will make it softer and more absorbent. Its maximum absorption capacity will be reached after only few washes.

Do not use softeners that would decrease the absorbency of the cotton fiber.

We encourage you to put your bath linen in the drying machine as it will increase its flexibility and volume.

If you notice any pulled loops, only cut them up to the other loops.